Property Details

  • Location: 5 MacMurray Road, Remuera , Auckland
  • Contract value: 4 million

As the main construction contractor behind the visionary project at 5 Macmurray Road, we proudly present an unparalleled residential development featuring 11 meticulously crafted units across two distinct stages. In the initial stage, our unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship is showcased through the creation of six exceptional residences. Among these, two standalone houses and two semi-detached homes embody our commitment to precision construction, boasting spacious layouts and refined finishes that define modern luxury living. Continuing our legacy of excellence, the second stage unveils five additional residences, including three standalone houses and an intricately designed semi-detached home. Each dwelling is a testament to our meticulous attention to architectural detail, delivering homes that epitomize sophistication and functionality.

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